The 25% carpondros from the Mollena x Gamma5 2016 clutch are amazing...check them out!

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Welcome to the Morelia Trophy collection of Morelia spilota (carpet pythons) and Morelia

viridis (green tree pythons).  I have spent over 50 years as a reptile enthusiast and my goal over the past

two decades has been to acquire and breed living jewels within the Morelia genus.   I keep a limited

collection of ultra quality animals, and breed only the very best.   More recently, I've been focused on

creating hybrids between these species.   I am terrifically excited about this project, and hope you enjoy

looking at my collection.

Also, from time to time I will have offspring for sale, so check the "Available" section if you wish.

John Battaglia,

Morelia Trophy Club

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