2016 Futo jungle x Gamma5 hatch

Futo-line jungle x Gamma5 2016 breeding results

For sale (updated 2/20/17):

2016 diamond jungle jaguar sibling male from Futo jungle x Gamma5.   This male has a great symmetrical pattern and is already starting to show some color.   He was a slow starter (did not have first shed for several months) but is now eating frozen thawed mouse hoppers.   He is incredibly bright already!  I believe he is well on the way to becoming a trophy carpet python.

He is $350 plus shipping.

2016 carpondro #7 male after first shed (May 2016)

Carpondro male #7 (November 2016)

2014 female jungle carpet python (February 2017)

Carpondro male #7 (November 2016)

2016 Gamma-line diamond jungle jaguar sibling male (February 2017)

For Sale (updated 2/20/17):

2014 Jungle Carpet Python female I obtained as a hatchling from a local breeder.  She is from unknown stock.   She has bright yellow bands with an attractive busy pattern, and should be ready to breed next season.   She is a very healthy and aggressive snake, never turns down a meal.  Will make a great breeder and/or display animal (not a good "pet").

​She is $600 plus shipping

This Futo-line jungle carpet python epitomizes what we think of with a "trophy carpet", and Gamma5 has never produced anything less than "A grade offspring. 

Hatched on 8/1/16 were 3 diamond jungle jaguars and 5 siblings.  I'm hoping these offspring will result in vintage, clean, bright-yellow and boldly patterned Gamma-line diamond jungle jaguars and siblings.

2014 female jungle carpet python (February 2017), snake hook is 24"

The Mollena (50% carpondro) x Gamma5 (diamond jungle jaguar) clutch hatched on 4/26/16 and

the 25% carpondros that emerged showed a wide variety of colors and patterns.  

Results from 9 eggs:  2 jagpondros and 5 carpondros hatched, one jagpondro died 24 hours after hatch and another died in the egg (fully developed).

Morelia Trophy Club

Morelia Trophy Club:  Available and 2016 Breeding results

For sale (updated 11/6/16):

2016 Gamma-line 25% carpondro from the Mollena (50% carpondro) x Gamma5 (diamond jungle jaguar) clutch hatched in April 2016.   This male has a killer head pattern and is coloring up with each shed.   He is taking frozen-thawed rat pinkies.  I have great expectations that the Gamma-line influence will make this carpondro something special (bright colors on awesome pattern).   First photo was taken after his first shed (May 2016), last three photos were taken November 2016.  

He is the only one I'm selling from this clutch.  

He is $550 plus shipping.  If you are interested in him, go to my "Contact" page and submit your information.  I'll get back to you.

Mollena x Gamma5 2016 breeding results

2016 carpondro and jagpondro update - development at 6 months:

2016 hatchling Gamma-diamond jungle jaguar at 6 months

Futo jungle x Gamma5 copulation

Carpondro male #7 (Novermber 2016)

2017 Breeding plans: slideshow

2016 hatchling Gamma-diamond jungle jaguar straight out of egg.