2016 hatchling Gamma-diamond jungle jaguar at 6 months

Futo jungle x Gamma5 copulation

(Update 3/26/17)   I'm sorry, but I do not have any pythons to sell at this time.  Check back in a month or two, and hopefully I'll have something cooking in the incubator.

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Mollena x Gamma5 2016 breeding results

2016 carpondro and jagpondro update - development at 6 months:

This Futo-line jungle carpet python epitomizes what we think of with a "trophy carpet", and Gamma5 has never produced anything less than "A grade offspring. 

Hatched on 8/1/16 were 3 diamond jungle jaguars and 5 siblings.  I'm hoping these offspring will result in vintage, clean, bright-yellow and boldly patterned Gamma-line diamond jungle jaguars and siblings.

The Mollena (50% carpondro) x Gamma5 (diamond jungle jaguar) clutch hatched on 4/26/16 and

the 25% carpondros that emerged showed a wide variety of colors and patterns.  

Results from 9 eggs:  2 jagpondros and 5 carpondros hatched, one jagpondro died 24 hours after hatch and another died in the egg (fully developed).

2016 Futo jungle x Gamma5 hatch

Futo-line jungle x Gamma5 2016 breeding results

2017 Breeding plans: slideshow

2016 hatchling Gamma-diamond jungle jaguar straight out of egg.

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