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Mollena x Gamma5 2016 breeding results

I am sorry to announce that majority of the pythons in my collection have tested positive for nidovirus, a potentially fatal respiratory virus.  I have closed my collection at this time and will not be selling any pythons in the near future.   I have separated the negative testing pythons from the positive testing pythons in my collection and placed them in separate rooms.  I am keeping these two groups separated indefinitely.  In Spring 2018 I will re-test the negative animals to determine if they have remained negative for nidovirus.  I might then release some of these negatively tested animals.

For a recent article on nidovirus in Morelia pythons, check out this publication in the Journal of Virology (2017):

2016 carpondro and jagpondro update - development at 6 months:

The Mollena (50% carpondro) x Gamma5 (diamond jungle jaguar) clutch hatched on 4/26/16 and

the 25% carpondros that emerged showed a wide variety of colors and patterns.  

Results from 9 eggs:  2 jagpondros and 5 carpondros hatched, one jagpondro died 24 hours after hatch and another died in the egg (fully developed).