‚Äč MTC Diamond-Jungle and Jungle Carpet Python Hall of Fame

  Antonio (CB 2002) was a 75% diamond-jungle


  carpet python from Python Pete Stock. He sired 


  clutches with Gamma (2008) and Angelina (2009,


  Angelina (CB 2004) was a 75% diamond-jungle


  carpet python and produced clutches with


  Antonio (2009, 2010)



  Ada (CB 2005) was a 75% diamond-jungle

  carpet python and the most yellow diamond-jungle

  python I have seen.  She came to MTC on breeding

  loan from Luke Snell in 2010, and produced some 

  dynamite diamond jungle jaguars with Gamma5.



  Manito (CB 2002) was a 75% diamond-jungle

  carpet python from Python Pete stock.  He was a

  very photogenic snake and graces the globe on the

  Morelia Trophy Club photo emblem seen on the

  bottom of each MTC web page.


  Asklepios (CB 2001) was a massive (over 8 feet) jungle


  carpet python from unkown stock.  He was a gentle giant,

  and served as a show animal for many educational

  presentations.   He sired clutches with Zalara in 2007

  and 2008.


  Zalara (CB 2002) was a jungle carpet python from

  Don Hamper stock.  She produced clutches with

  Asklepios in 2007 and 2008.



  Aphrodite (CB 2004) was a jungle carpet python

  from Doug Price Stock and had an intense "50-50"

  pattern of bright yellow to dark black.  She

  produced clutches with Ocho in 2010 and

  Gamma5 in 2011.

  Ocho (CB 2007) was a pure MTC jungle carpet


  python from pairing of Zalara and Asklepios.  He

  also served as a "hands on" educational exhibit for

  many grade school children.  He sired clutches with

  Aphrodite (2010) and Gamma (2011).


Alba (CB 2009) is a 75% diamond jungle python from the MTC Angelina x Antonio pairing that has produced some outstanding diamond-jungle pythons.   I believe diamond-jungle pythons are one of the most attractive carpet pythons to behold,

and it was a diamond-jungle python that first attracted me to working with Morelia.   Alba was the dam for the "anaconda" jaguar pythons produced in 2014.

Morelia Trophy Club

Futo-line jungle carpet python (CB 2012) is an excellent example of a trophy jungle with a jet black background, bright yellow pattern and prevalent tipping.  These photos illustrate the difference in yellow hues produced by different indoor studio conditions versus outdoor lighting.


Diamond-jungle and jungle carpet pythons