Morelia Trophy Club

  Morelia Trophy Club Green Tree Python Hall of Fame



Azula was an amazing appearing green tree

python with turquoise blue color ​ and jet

black eyes.  She had ties to Trooper Walsh

stock, although her origins  remain a mystery.




Manokwari male (CB 2013) was produced by Gary Schiavino from the original Prada Manokwari pair.    He has vibrant purple-blue diamonds highlighting the intensely bright green scales.  

Biru (SH-05-05195) was a Signal

Herpetoculture green tree python produced

from pairing Mr. Blue/Carolina x PNG. 

He sired an all red clutch with Qali (2011).




Josie (CB 2006) is a female Sorong type green tree python.   She was a farm import,

red neonate and has ample blue highlights along her lime-green body.   She became darker in blue-green coloration after becoming gravid in the 2012 breeding season.  She is named after my mother-in-law.

Green Tree Pythons

Belle (CB ?) is a stunningly beautiful Highland-Cyclops type female green tree python. She was an Indonesian farm import.   The blue-green spectrum of her scales literally burst into blue predominance under sunlight or full spectrum lighting.  


Qali was an Aru x Biak green tree python

(Bushmaster stock).  "Qali" is an Eskimo

work for "snow on trees", as she had

wonderful blue-green coloration that was

amply highlighted by white scales.  She

produced a clutch of all red neos in 2011.