Speedy (CB 2004) is a 50% carpondro produced by breeding a green tree python dam to
a jungle carpet python sire (breeder Speedy Gonzalez).   His intense yellow bands
blend into a palette of subtle pastel colors toward his ventral scales (this appears most
vividly in sunlight conditions).   He is an active, curious python and appears equally comfortable in arboreal as well as terrestrial spaces.

Hybrid Pythons



 Morelia Trophy Club Hybrid Pythons:  Members in waiting

  Jagpondro #1 (CB 2012) is a female offspring of an

 IJ jaguar carpet python and Sorong green tree python


 (Breeder Dan Craft).

  This mutt (CB 2015) is a male 12.5% green tree

  python x jungle carpet python x diamond python. 

  (Breeder Brad McCarthy)

    This 50% carpondro (CB 2016) was produced by 

  pairing a jungle carpet python dam and Jayapura type

  green tree  python sire.  (Breeder Tony Jerome)


Mollena (CB 2010)  is a 50% green tree python/50% carpet python creation, produced
by Brandon Osborne.   Dam was an Irian Jaya python, and sire a Bokondini x Biak
green tree python.  The ontogenic color changes have been fun to follow in this one.  
Shown below as a neonate, age 2 years, and outside as mature adult (5 years).


"The moon gazed on my midnight labours, while, with unrelaxed and breathless eagerness, I pursued nature to her hiding-places."

Frankenstein (Mary Shelley, 1818)




Morelia Trophy Club



2010 (photo courtesy of Brandon Osborne)

Morpheus (CB 2008) is a 75% carpondro produced by pairing a 50% carpondro dam with 
a green tree python sire (breeder Marc Spataro).   He is a mythical appearing beast, like something out of a dream.   He underwent dramatic ontogenic color change spanning the yellow-green-blue spectrum and now appears slate grey-blue in appearance.