Chris Behof Reptiles (Arizona) - "Phillipi" (Zalara x Asklepios, 2007), "GI Jag" (Gamma x Gamma5, 2010)

Jonathan Floyd (Florida) - "Jada" (Gamma x Antonio, 2008)

Seth and Marianne Rock (Michigan) - "Rockstar" (Aphrodite x Gamma5, 2011)

Isaac Alfonso (New Mexico) - "Pale Ale" (Gamma x Gamma5, 2010)

Moana (Maryland) - "Gamut" (Gamma x Antonio, 2008),  "Artemis" (Aphrodite x Asklepios, 2008)

Chris Behof Reptiles (Arizona) - "Goby" (Ada x Gamma5, 2008)

Jeff Back (Texas) -  "Lemonade" (Gamma x Ocho, 2011)



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Eric Burke (Pennsylvania) - "Bear" (Aphrodite x Gamma5, 2011)

Jason Knudson (Wisconsin) - "Goomba" (Zalara x Asklepios, 2008)

Joe Mikkelsen (Maryland) - "Eris" (Gamma x Antonio, 2008)

Martin Rosemond - "ener John b" (Ada x Gamma5, 2010), "Phoenix"  (Gamma x Gamma5, 2010)

Nick Scaramella, (Pennsylvania) - "Faustus" (Gamma x Antonio, 2008)

Bryce Clendenning (Indiana) - "Dash & Dot" (Zalara x Asklepios, 2008)

James Breen (Wisconsin) - "Sherman" (Asklepios x Zalara, 2008)

Morelia Trophy Club

Morelia Trophy Club Parade of Pythons

My greatest satisfaction with creating Morelia jewels is having others appreciate what I have done.   Like any artist, I delight in knowing that Morelia Trophy Club pythons bring joy into the homes of those who own them.   From time to time I get emails or witness posts from MTC owners, displaying photos or expressing enjoyment of their MTC pythons.   Below are some examples from these members of the Morelia Trophy Club (photo credits to the owners).